You Rock, Richmond

You Rock, Richmond

I know we are all cooped up.  Many of us are scared. I am too.  But let me tell you why I’m encouraged as I go deeper into our community than I’ve ever been.  Here are 5 great moments:

  1. A delightful couple told me they already loved Buskey and when they moved to town they picked their apartment to be near the cidery.
  2. I witnessed a socially distant neighborhood celebration celebrating an elderly gentleman’s 101st birthday.   
  3. We delivered cider to the family of a nursing home administrator whose whole family was completely quarantined for their residents’ safety. 
  4. We delivered miles outside of our range for cider club members who were isolated.  
  5. We have delivered to disabled people who humbled us with their sincere support of our businesses.  I’ve always had a heart for the disabled community but from now on my company will actively look for opportunities to bring the Buskey experience to those who would struggle to come to us otherwise.  

We’ve been delivering cider like crazy, tightening our belts, and enjoying the outpouring of support from our community.  The experience we have had at every single door. Kindness. Community mindedness. Concern for local business. I’ve always referenced “Greater Richmond” but getting out into the suburbs.  Seriously, Richmonders really are great.  

One of my favorite moments in the past couple days was my awesome sister setting up a virtual game night (Pictured Above) where we all had Buskeys together from all over the East Coast.  It’s weird having everyone cooped up, but at the same time, stepping back from our busy lives seems to have made us all a bit more likely to take the time to brighten someone’s day and check in on them.  Let’s get this craziness over with as soon as possible, but let’s never stop taking the time to support our communities, complete strangers, and those we love. 

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