These are crazy times

These are crazy times

I love books written In Medias Res (starting from the middle), I just never really expected I’d suddenly start from there myself.  I’ve always assumed I’d begin my story by telling it in detail, but right now we are writing history.  I’m going to jump in stream of consciousness. It’s crazy how when the world grinds to a halt there’s a whole new perspective.

Most of y’all know me in passing as the “Cider Guy” or the guy in the most branded delivery vehicle on the lot.  I grew up in Franklin, Virginia a tiny little paper mill town where my dad was an engineer. I had a friend in Franklin, Elle Street, who later in life became my wife and business partner.  In Franklin while other kids excelled at sports or video games I began peddling blueberries door to door. I think my mother says it best when she says I’ve really always been the guy who opens the cidery.  I’ve always marched to my own drummer.  

Enough about me, y’all really just want the cider.  I’m kidding, but I’m honestly not lighthearted sitting here having made one of the hardest decisions of my life to close our tasting room to help flatten the curve and hopefully save lives and get our community back into gear as fast as possible.  Taking a moment of reflection I am absolutely blown away by what an amazing journey these first 4 years have been. It hasn’t always been easy, days like these are definitely a reminder of how hard small business ownership can be.  

This is my life, I’m an entrepreneur, I cut deep, sacrifice is my game.  My community, heck my world, is hurting, when has there ever been a better time to step up and say it’s not all over and let’s work together to start moving forward.

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