This year has been crazy!  During a virtual Thanksgiving hangout with our families (we decided to cancel plans to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with our families) my family continued a long standing tradition with a new virtual spin.  Every year at Thanksgiving the Correll family passes a bowl around the table and we each drop an acorn in the bowl and say what we are thankful for from that year.  Round and round the table the bowl goes. In good times and bad, we’ve always had a lot to be thankful for.  This year, the much anticipated and almost comically troublesome 2020, is no exception.  Here’s a preview of my virtual acorns this year.  

  1. I am incredibly grateful to our team members who were incredibly resilient and hardworking this year. Through the uncertainty and constant stress they innovated, stayed positive and were incredibly resilient.  Our awesome team is making the best cider, designing the coolest labels, and running the best tasting rooms that we have ever provided in our 5 year history.  Y’ALL ROCK!
  2. Our customers have been incredible this year.  If Kevin or I have been at your door a bunch of times during Covid, if you’ve cheerfully worn a mask in our space and enjoyed a pint, if you’ve organized a neighborhood pickup event, if you are a bar or bottleshop who has continued buying our cider, if you’ve posted your support on social media, or if you’ve shared us with a friend.  THANK YOU!
  3. My family has been such a huge support this year.  From all night sessions launching a new website that allowed us to continue selling cider when our core business was shut down to keeping me company with long phone calls on delivery runs across the state.  From the tearful decision to voluntarily close our tasting room in March to the exuberant celebration of major delivery milestones.  I needed my family this year.  The cute pictures of the family dogs and virtual game nights were a much needed distraction.  I LOVE YOU!
  4. My wife, Elle, is incredible.  She is the best partner, spouse, and friend that I can imagine.  She’s worked so hard to support me and the team this year.  She designs our labels, painted a huge mural in the tasting room, learned how to run an ecommerce website in her “spare time”, walked hundreds of miles with me helping me brainstorm, kept me sane during an impossibly trying year, and cooks a mean curry and rice bowl! No one works harder than Elle and I couldn’t do any of this without her.  

This year has been brutal and I am beat down, but it’s been a hard year for all of us and I am incredibly thankful for you.  

Stay safe and #GetBuskey!

Will Correll

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