Back to our roots

Back to our roots

This past weekend we launched delivery throughout Hampton Roads.  Such a fun day!  Elle and I have so much history in this part of the state and we were certainly welcomed with open arms.  I’m in the area all the time working with Chesbay, our distributor, and supporting accounts, but getting back into some of the neighborhoods where Buskey was dreamed up really took me back.  I lived in Williamsburg for a year after college making cider and working on our business plan.  My incredibly talented high school friend James moved out to Virginia to make cider with me.  Good food and beverage ran in his veins and while he eventually moved on to pursue his passion for distilling our friendship and our pursuit of creative excellent cider started Buskey on its course to become one of the more innovative cideries anywhere.  Anyway, this story comes to mind because I ended up doing a delivery to the apartment complex I lived in and a second delivery to a different complex where he lived.  Cool to see it all come full circle.  

I’m working my butt off right now but I’m also finding myself being a bit nostalgic and really appreciating where we are right here, right now.  Yesterday I tasted the Jalapeño Lime, Habanero Mango, Guava Hop, and RVA in our brite tanks and yelled over the air compressor to Ryan and Andrew that we had never had better cider in our tanks.  What a time to be putting out the best cider we’ve ever made, what a time to be coming together as a team even as we are forced to socially distance, what a time for customers to step up so overwhelmingly to say they support us.  These are hard times, but I’m very grateful.  

Today I took a long drive to West Point and it was storming really badly.  It was a long drive and I was feeling the fatigue a bit.  I looked up and saw one of the most beautiful rainbows I’ve ever seen and the sun came out for a few minutes.  Rainbows have always been a symbol of hope and everyone I drove past was on their porches looking at the rainbow with more hope on their faces than I have been seeing over the past couple of weeks.  I even made some new friends (from a responsible distance) when I stopped to take a picture of the van.  

Friday we launch delivery to Northern Virginia.  Elle warned me that NOVA was going to totally overwhelm me with orders.  I said bring it on. Tip of the hat to you NOVA, I’ve got a VERY busy weekend of deliveries in front of me and you’ve still got two days to get your orders in.  I’m pumped.

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