Buskey Cider Releases Thai Flavor-Inspired Thai Tom Yum Cider

Buskey Cider Releases Thai Flavor-Inspired Thai Tom Yum Cider

Buskey Cider released Thai Tom Yum cider, inspired by a once-in-a-lifetime travel adventure to Thailand experienced by co-founders Elle and William Correll.

The recipe for Thai Tom Yum Cider was directly influenced by a cooking class the husband and wife team took during their trip, and brings to cider the flavors of lemongrass, makrut lime leaves, limes, and ginger, along with a slight hint of heat from Thai chilis.

“I am ecstatic about this cider,” said Elle Correll, co-founder, Buskey Cider, who came up with the recipe and designed the can label. “This is really a culmination of two things I love: travel and interesting produce. I’ve been dreaming of making this cider for years, and now it’s a reality that we can share with so many people: cider-lovers, flavor-crusaders, and people who want to dream of or remember some of their personal travels. When I sip this, I’m back in Thailand.”

Although incredibly innovative, the thai-inspired cider fits neatly into a portfolio of ciders that balance traditional and experimental offerings. Buskey is known for using 100% Virginia-grown apples in all of their ciders, and while they offer several classic ‘apples-only’ ciders for purists, they’ve also concocted multiple unique recipes like tangerine key lime, habanero mango, and guava grapefruit.

“Virginia has some of the best apples in the world, and we’re proud to support Virginia farmers,” added Will Correll, co-founder, Buskey Cider. “We love making classic ciders but equally enjoy showcasing the creativity of our team to combine Virginia apples with quality ingredients using creative techniques to bring novel ciders to market every other week. We think we do a good job striking that balance by offering something for everyone.”

Thai Tom Yum is the latest in an effort to make cider accessible for all, pushing the boundaries of flavors while still staying true to the apple at the core. The new cider will be available starting on Friday, May 21st.

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