Buskey Cider is located an old brick Richmond train car loading building in urban Scott's Addition in Richmond, Virginia.



(804) 355 - 0100



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Is the cider gluten free?

Yes, all of our ciders are gluten free. We frequently use fun, unconventional ingredients, but we always make sure that they remain gluten free.

Do you use Virginia apples?

Yes, 100% of our apples come from Silver Creek and Seamans' Orchard in Nelson County, VA.

What does the word Buskey mean?

Buskey is an all-American word that was written in a letter by Ben Franklin to one of his friends in colonial times, when cider was the most popular beverage in America. It's a slang word that was used by the young folks in colonial times while enjoying cider.

How often do you release a new cider?

We release small batch ciders every couple of weeks in the tasting room, and release seasonal ciders out into distribution.

Where do you distribute to?

We distribute throughout most of Virginia, via Richmond and Hampton Roads (Premium Distributors of Virginia), the western part of the state (Blue Ridge Beverage), and the Eastern Shore (Wendell Distributing).