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Buskey Cider on the BAy Turns 1!

On Saturday, June 22nd, we celebrated our 1 year Anniversary of our tasting room in Cape Charles, Va! Buskey Cider on the Bay is officially a whole 365 days old and thriving in the beautiful small town. Will and Elle spent the day with the team, getting to know the locals and their love for Buskey Cider. It was a fun-filled day with ice-cream and pizza from Brown Dog’s Ice-cream and Deadrise Pizza (both local businesses and the perfect combo with our Ice-cream and Pizza ciders!) Will, Elle, and the team took time to explore the town and spent time by the water. The day ended perfectly around a fire pit, cider in hand. Our tasting room team ROCKED the event and we are so proud of them for all of their hard work given over this last year, and we can’t wait to see what the next year holds. Happy Birthday Buskey Cider on the Bay! Cheers to another great year!

Buskey Cider x Ardent Craft Ales

Ardently Buskey IG3.png

// 03.08.2019 //

Buskey Cider and Ardent Craft Ales collaborated to create //ARDENTLY BUSKEY // an unfiltered dry hopped cider, the next in our line of hopped collaborations. This collab cider uses a ton of el dorado and loral hops. Dropping at the 2019 Scott’s Addition Beverage District Collaboration Crawl on Saturday, March 9th.

Ardent Craft Ales is located in Scott’s Addition, the well-known craft alcohol neighborhood of Richmond.

// Buskey Peach Tea Cider //
Seasonal 16oz Can

Buskey Peach Tea Instagram.jpg

// 03.01.2019 //

Buskey Cider located in the Scott’s Addition neighborhood of Richmond, Virginia has released its 2019 spring seasonal cider, Peach Tea Cider. The new spring seasonal is available on tap and in 16oz cans around most of the state, in addition to being available in their tasting room. The loose leaf peach tea blend used in the cider was crafted by Richmond’s CaryTown Teas and includes white tea and peach blossoms. This is the first time that Buskey has released a seasonal to distribution in cans, and the first 16oz can they’ve brought to market.

“Last year when we released this and RIchmond treated 500 gallons like it was 50, we knew we were on to something,” says Will Correll, founder of Buskey Cider. “And we were pumped when CaryTown Teas was down to help us scale up the batch exponentially and send this popular cider to Buskey fans across the state.”

Correll opened Buskey Cider at the age of 26 in April 2016 in the neighborhood of Scott’s Addition, described as Richmond’s booziest craft beverage neighborhood. Buskey is an all American word that was written down in a letter by Ben Franklin the slang the young people in the taverns were saying during colonial times, when cider was the most popular alcoholic beverage. Buskey Cider is made with 100% Virginia apples and has no added sugar.

Buskey also produces a semi-sweet traditional RVA Cider, an off-dry Tart Cherry Cider, seasonals, limited releases, and collaboration projects. In addition to Buskey Cider’s original tasting room and production facility in Richmond, the cidery recently opened a tasting room in Cape Charles on the eastern shore of Virginia.

Buskey Peach Tea Cider is distributed through Premium Distributors of Virginia in Richmond, Chesbay Distributing, Blue Ridge Beverage, and Wendell Distributing.

// Buskey Cider x Basic City beer co. Release // ‘Basically Buskey” Collaboration

Basically Buskey Design.jpeg

// 12.27.2018 //

Buskey Cider and Basic City collaborated to create Basically Buskey, an unfiltered NEIPA-style cider. Clocking in at 6.7% ABV, this revolutionary collab cider was crafted with a ton of amarillo and mosaic hops. Yeah, it’s some pretty fantastic liquid!

Basic City Beer Co. is well-known for their hopped beers and Buskey Cider’s cidermaker, Harrison Barronian, got his start in the industry as a brewer, so we enjoyed working together and using this opportunity to push the limits in cider.


Cidermaker Harrison Baronian with the Buskey Stout Cider

Cidermaker Harrison Baronian with the Buskey Stout Cider

Richmond’s own Buskey Cider has made a Stout Cider, made with gluten free ingredients from dark beers, namely coffee beans, cocoa nibs and husks, and Belgian candi! This beverage was made in collaboration with Isley Brewing Company for the 2018 SABD Collaboration Crawl includes 10 alcohol producers in Scott’s Addition, pairing them up at random to create two collaborations together.

Buskey worked on making a beer inspired cider, while Isley worked on crafting a cider inspired beer. To comply with ABC requirements, Isley used 49% apple juice from Silver Creek and Seamans’ Orchard in Nelson County, Virginia via Buskey Cider. This makes the Isley beer still legally be a beer while making it as close to cider as possible. Comparatively, Buskey used 100% apple juice, where their legal constraints are not using anything brewing ingredients that include grain. To make this gluten free beer inspired cider, they used ground coffee beans, cocoa nibs and husks, and belgian candi to give this beverage its signature dark color and robust taste. To tie the two collaborations together, they’ve used the same ale yeast strain.

In addition to releasing their respective collaborations, both alcohol producers have pulled manufacturer’s licenses for the weekend, meaning that Buskey will be pouring beer, and Isley will be pouring cider for the event!

The 2018 SABD Collaboration Crawl will take place on Saturday, March 10th noon-10pm in Scott’s Addition featuring all of the alcohol producers. Participants are Buskey Cider, Isley Brewing, The Veil Brewing, Black Heath Meadery, Reservoir Distillery, Vasen Brewing Company, Courthouse Creek Cider, and Three Notch’d RVA Collab House.

BUSKEY CIDER announces instagram competition to win two richmond kickers tickets!

Giveaway Alert! Use the hashtag #GetBuskey on the pics of you enjoying Buskey Cider to be entered to win two tickets to any @RichmondKickers game this season! Make sure your profile is public so that we can see your awesome pics! Multiple posts with unique pictures will count as separate entries. We’ll pick the most impressive picture as the winner to kick off our #804Day celebration on August 4th, aka, 8-04! Good luck! #GetBuskey


Flights at Buskey's Red, White, and Blue CIDERbration!

Flights at Buskey's Red, White, and Blue CIDERbration!

Red, White, and Blue flights will be served at Buskey Cider in Scott's Addition all Independence Day Weekend! Celebrations will kick off on Saturday, July 1st and we'll end the celebration on Tuesday, July 4th with a view of the fireworks from our building over the Flying Squirrels Baseball Diamond! As an extra bonus, there’s nothing more American than a classic hot dog, so FREE hot dogs on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday to really get into the patriotic spirit!

The Red, White, and Blue Flight Ciders will include two collaborations and one original fan favorite. The red cider will be the release of our Blackberry Cider, a collaboration with Agriberry CSA and Farm. The white cider will be our 45 and Trying Cider, Buskey’s original off dry cider named for the difficulty of lifting our fermenters onto their feet and having a tank get stuck at “45 degrees”. Our blue cider will be our flagship, RVA Cider, with a colorful twist from Spirulina, a collaboration with Ellwood Thompson’s. Spirulina is an all-natural, non-GMO, gluten-free superfood derived from algae that is high in protein and other vitamins and provides our cider with an electrifying blue hue!

“This event was such a blast last year, and since it was only a few months after our launch it was the first experience a lot of Richmonders had enjoying our innovative local ciders,” said founder and CEO, Will Correll. “Last year thousands of Richmonders came out to celebrate with us, and we’re expecting it to be an even bigger hit this year.”

Buskey Cider Launches First 12oz 6-pack of Canned hard cider in virginia!

We're so excited to announce that we're launching our cans this Saturday, January 21st! These cans, while exciting for Buskey are even more exciting for the world of cider. They're the first 12oz 6-pack of canned hard cider in Virginia! Furthermore, for your Richmond locals, say hello to the first canned hard cider EVER made in RVA!

Team Buskey chose a can design for Buskey’s RVA Cider that reflects our home of Richmond, Virginia. The can features the RVA skyline and the building where Buskey is made, located in the popular craft beverage neighborhood of Scott’s Addition. It also has a “VA Apples” seal on the front to show that the apples pressed to make the cider are local to the state of Virginia.

Due to this historic moment in Richmond Cider, it was by no mistake that we decided to can our RVA Cider first and tie it so heavily to our home. One of the most popular ciders in the tasting room, this semi-sweet cider at 5.5% will be available in the Buskey Cider tasting room, and in the coming weeks will be in distribution throughout the Richmond area with Loveland Distributing.

Come on by our cidery in Scott's Addition to get your hands the first batch of our cans of cider!



1ST ANNUAL #804DAY at Buskey Cider

#804Day at Buskey Cider in full swing!

#804Day at Buskey Cider in full swing!

Thanks to all of the 804 for coming out to celebrate #804Day! Yesterday was August 4th, aka 8-04, and we decided to throw a big event in celebration of Greater Richmond. So, basically we invented a holiday for Richmond! This is the coolest place on earth, and we are so excited to call RVA home! 

In honor of 804 Day, Buskey Cider released two new Randall’d Ciders for the day with local fruit from Ellwood Thompson’s: Strawberry Lemongrass and Blackberry Thyme! Notably, the blackberries were grown at Virginia State University and the thyme was from Once Upon A Thyme.

Our neighbors here in Scott's Addition, Boulevard Burger and Brew and King of Pops joined in the celebration! Boulevard Burger and Brew was serving non-GMO sliders that were beef or vegan, King of Pops was selling their locally made pops, MOMS VA, a cause that is near and dear to our hearts, had a puppy kissing booth to help raise money to help abandoned dogs find homes. At their last event at Buskey, we adopted a sweet pup named Betsy!

The nonprofit we supported for the event was HandsOn Greater Richmond, who was spreading the message about getting involved with their community volunteer projects in the Richmond area. 10% of cider sales from the #804Day event were given to HandsOn Greater Richmond to help them further their cause!

It was great to see the community come out and support us. We loved giving RVA the platform to celebrate local and what truly embodies what this amazing city is! We look forward to continuing this celebration by adding on further vendors from all parts of the 804 next year and in years to come!

We will see you all at the 2nd Annual 804 Day Celebration on Friday, August 4, 2017!



Intro to #GetBuskey

Launch Weekend.jpg

Welcome to the Buskey Cider Blog! If you haven’t met me yet around Richmond or in the tasting room, my name is Will Correll, but I’m more commonly known as “The Cider Guy”.  My partner Matthew and our cidermaker Alec are also cider guys, but I already have that vanity plate… Every day I am blown away by how many people want to know all about our cider and entrepreneurial journey.  We have finally decided that sharing with you what’s going on in the cidery through our own words on our website is one of the best ways to give you an inside scoop about our brand, day to day operations and long term vision for Buskey and to properly document this amazing part of our journey that can be such a blur at times.

It has been quite a ride since August 2012 when I first started telling people I was opening a cidery.  It sounded even crazier then than it does now!  A few of you believed in a young college senior and helped him win Start-Peninsula 1.0. Some of you helped him find a building, design Buskey’s space and build it out. You helped get a walk in refrigerator that was bigger than his apartment down from Baltimore.  Some people invested a significant amount of capital. Others had test batches of cider at your weddings.  More of you interned for a summer, helped with landscaping, painting the bathrooms, building financial models, managing social media, making batches of cider and building splash pages.  You helped find audiences to sample batches- some like strawberry lemongrass were amazing and others like “Granny Buskey” showed how much we had to learn.  Now that we have launched, thousands of you have visited to celebrate our launch and try our ciders.  It takes so many things to open a business but equally importantly it takes a lot of awesome people.  I have been incredibly blessed to have each of your support over the last four years.

We built an awesome team and we opened on April 23, 2016, after a series of soft openings, and had an amazing launch party.  Since then we’ve begun distribution in Richmond through Loveland Distributing and have been on tap at some of our favorite restaurants and even a few awesome places we didn’t know until they picked us up!  We’ve also been enjoying combining wine making and brewing practices such as unique strains of yeast, hops, and Randalling our cider.  Richmond’s response has been amazing, so much so that we have already brought in bigger tanks to more than double our capacity.  We love Richmond, and our home state of Virginia.  Drink local and #GetBuskey.

The memories are so sweet- but don’t worry, the cider is pretty dry!