Will Correll

Better known as "The Cider Guy", Will's vision to open a draft cidery that balanced the rich American cider heritage with the robust and exciting modern craft beer market won a $10,000 prize at Start!Peninsula back in 2012 while a senior at Hampden-Sydney College. Will then set out to to craft a business plan, find a team, and begin creating small batches of cider.  Will chose Richmond for Buskey's home because from the first time he visited he immediately knew that Richmond could be one of the coolest towns in the world.  


Matthew Meyer

The veteran of the team, Matthew's been around the block a few times.  An alumnus of UC Davis Fermentation, Matthew has been making wine for 20+ years fermenting in Napa Valley, Virginia, and Argentina.  If it has natural sugar and tastes good Matthew has probably fermented it.  Matthew finds cider's unlimited potential for innovation exciting and the start-up culture exhilarating,   In addition to participating in wine events all around the world Matthew sits on the board of several charities.


Alec Steinmetz 

We constantly get asked if we brew cider, no we don't, but Alec brewed up a Gold Medal Baltic Porter up in Milwaukee before being seduced by the allure of the Virginia Cider Apple.  Alec attended the Siebel Institute with a scholarship from the Milwaukee Beer Barons (beerbarons.org) but has found that his real passion is applying these brewing techniques to innovative new ciders.  When Alec isn't fermenting Cider he is drinking cider and climbing mountains around the Shenandoah, conquering the rapids through downtown, or exploring this great city he now calls home.  


Elle Street

A University of Missouri alumna, Elle is a linguist by training, a nonprofit worker by day, and Buskey Cider's Communication Director in her spare time. From social media to events, and chalkboard art to community outreach, she handles just about everything the men of Buskey cider can't. Elle loves foreign languages/accents, small plates, dancing, travel, and art. Her favorite color is green - ALWAYS - for everything.